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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma State Senator has been charged with Manslaughter in the 1st Degree following a deadly crash in May.

Sen. Allison Ikley-Freeman was injured in a crash along the Turner Turnpike back in May.  

“Given her position, it’s irrelevant to how I’m gonna charge the case,” said Lincoln District Attorney Alan Grubb.  

The crash killed 44-year-old Enrique Lopez.

Investigators say Lopez hydroplaned and was stuck in a ditch when Ikley-Freeman also hydroplaned and hit Lopez.

Lopez was killed on impact.  

“I believe this situation was totally avoidable…I believe this was a fair and equitable charge,” said Grubb.

According to court documents, Ikley-Freeman was travelling more than 90 miles per hour just before the crash.  

She allegedly told police the day of the crash that her cruise control was only set to 75 mph.

“Some of the allegations are reckless driving, speeding,” said Grub.  

Court documents say investigators believe she was “operating her vehicle in complete disregard to the motoring public.”

Documents also revealing Lopez had called his wife less than 10 minutes before he was hit to tell her he was stuck in a ditch and needed help.  

“This has been a very hard case for the wife,” said Grub.

If convicted, Ikley-Freeman could face four years to a life sentence in prison.  

Her bond is currently set at $30,000 but she is not currently in custody.

Ikley-Freeman’s attorney, John Hunsucker, released the following statement to KFOR in regards to her charge:

“Having just received a copy of the allegations, it would be improper to release a statement before reviewing the allegations. However, we believe that when the facts are completely vetted, it will show that this was a tragic unavoidable accident. Our sympathies for the family of Mr. Lopez.”