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BOISE, Idaho – While many gubernatorial debates may seem boring to some viewers, a recent debate in Idaho kept everyone on the edge of their seats, especially the moderators.

Republican gubernatorial candidates debated Wednesday night.

The candidates included the sitting governor, Butch Otter and his three challengers; Russ Fulcher, a state senator; Harley Brown, a veteran and leather-clad biker, and Walt Bayes, a homeschool activist who says he spent time in jail for his religious beliefs.

The highlights of the debate mainly came from Brown and Bayes.

Brown’s opening statement started out with his story about his time in the military.

He ended his opening statement with, “Don’t think I’m crazy because I’m not.”

When Bayes introduced himself, he said, “I went to jail for homeschooling and my kids turned out pretty good.”

He added, “I’ve got 77 descendants.”

When asked about discrimination, Brown said, “We bikers, discrimination! The cops, we are cop magnets, like a Playboy bunny wearing a mini skirt gets hit on all the time. They pull us over without probable cause and they bring out the sniffing dogs and they search us and our bikes. Even when we’re not flying our colors, if you’re a leather-clad, Harley Davidson driver, you know, the cops are gonna zero in on you like a heat-seeking missile.”

He said, “I used to drive taxis in Boise for 20 years at night and I’ve picked up my fair of the gay community.”

He added, “They’re just as American as a Medal of Honor winner. Liberty and justice for all, equal protection under the law. I’m glad the judge made that decision. I’m glad that they want to get married and live like that. I know I’m not really talking like a Republican.”

Bayes disagreed and began reading from the New Testament.

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Brown said, “I don’t like political correctness! Can I say this? It’s bondage! I’m about as politically correct as your proverbial turd in a punch bowl.”

Watch the full debate below: