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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Two more protesters have been charged with terrorism following protests that erupted downtown back in May.

Haley Lin Crawford and Sydney Lynch are both accused of helping break the windows of CJ’s Bail Bonds before the building was set on fire.

Crawford and Lynch both just recently had their 18th birthdays within the last two weeks.

They now join three others who have been charged with terrorism.

“Black Lives Matter” along with the ACLU and the Oklahoma Democratic Party have all spoken out against the charges handed down by the Oklahoma County District Attorney, saying the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

However, DA Prater said last week,

“It is concerning and bewildering that this organization has chosen to defend criminals who are violent, exploitive and unscrupulous. These criminals have subverted peaceful protests and impaired the open discussion regarding race in our country. These criminals are diabolic and strategic in their use of tactics historically employed by terrorists throughout the world; namely, targeting innocent citizens with violence and the threat of violence, intimidation, the dissemination of propaganda to disrupt societal and communal relationships and using peaceful protestors as human shields. When you employ these tactics for a political purpose, you are a terrorist.No individual or organization will intimidate me or law enforcement from protecting those we serve by aggressively enforcing and prosecuting the law. When you act like a terrorist, you will be treated like a terrorist. All innocent citizens of Oklahoma County deserve to be protected. The citizens of Oklahoma County have a legal and constitutional right to personal safety and the protection of their property. It is my job to protect innocent citizens and their property and I will continue to do it to the best of my ability.”

According to Kiesel, the ACLU is weighing all legal options right now in regard to helping the people in the jail.

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