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OKLAHOMA CITY – A fight between two women in the middle of the highway allegedly started with a disagreement over laundry, toilet paper and dishes, and ended with both women in lockup.

A man by the name Tim Yost was caught up in the middle of it and he sat down with News 4 to share what happened.

“She jumped on her like a spider monkey,” Tim Yost said. “And then she just beat the snot out of her.”

Tim Yost tells News 4 he’s legally married to Richelle Yost, but the two had an open relationship with another woman, Amanda Breeze.

Yost says things were going well for a few months until Breeze wanted to get something off her chest.

“She said she didn`t want to be the other woman,” Yost said.

So, Yost says he left Richelle and their three kids to go live with Breeze.

But the honeymoon ended when it came time to buying the groceries and doing chores.

A police report says, “Yost and Breeze got in an argument over toilet paper, laundry and dishes.”

Yost said he had enough and that he wanted to “move out.”

So he packed his bags, hopped on his Harley and called Richelle to come drive the van, but the two didn’t get very far before Breeze was on their tail.

“She is pissed,” Yost said.

Breeze allegedly hit the back of Tim’s bike on purpose and sent him flying across the pavement.

Horrified drivers called 911.

“I didn’t run him over,” Breeze said.

“Yes you did b****,” a 911 caller said. “I watched you!”

Then, Richelle allegedly turned the tables on Breeze.

Richelle hit Breeze’s car before the two got out and went hand-to-hand on the highway.

“She gets her hair pinned down and then just does blows to Amanda’s face and rocks her world,” Yost said.

Both women were off to jail facing charges.

Tim was rushed to the hospital and is still on the road to recovery.

“It’s like some Jerry Springer s***,” Yost said.

Both Breeze and Yost bonded out of jail. However, Yost is back in jail as the investigation continues.