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FRISCO, Tex. – A Labrador in Texas is one happy pup after an Uber driver stopped to pick her up after being hit by a car.

Uber driver Michelle T. said the black lab had been hit by a car and left in the road.

She had just dropped off her rider when she stumbled upon Jenna, the black lab.

“We found that she had a dislocated right shoulder,” said veterinarian Kaitlin Agel D.V.M.  “She had a fractured pelvic bone, her spine was luxated out of her hip bone on one side, and on the other side her hip bone was broken.”

Michelle stopped doing rides that day to be with Jenna, according to KDAF.

That’s when Dawn Ladny with Lucky Lab Rescue, heard about Jenna, as she was leaving radiation treatment for breast cancer.

“I came straight here from my appointment,” said Ladny.  “I took her home, and she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t put any pressure on her legs at all.”

Ladny, along with her boyfriend, helped Jenna on her injured legs by making her a cart.

“She’s a lucky dog,” said Agel.  “She really recovered quickly and well, and she’s got a great home.”

Jenna is now running around again, and will head off to her forever home, soon.