OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An unusual theft in the Metro Park neighborhood has one Oklahoma City man puzzled. He claims someone has been stealing his lightbulbs off his front porch. Every time he replaces them, they end up gone.  

The man said it’s been going on every week for nearly a month. So, he decided to put up a security camera and caught the thief in action. 

“We just started noticing that it would get darker out here,” said Evan Souders, claims someone’s been stealing his lightbulbs. 

Evan Souders said several of his glass lightbulbs were stolen off his front porch.  

“We don’t know if it’s multiple people or just one person, but me and my roommate would come out here maybe once a day or something and we say, hey, there’s a light bulb missing,” said Souders.  

Souders said around eight lightbulbs have been stolen over the last month.  

“At first, we thought, well, maybe they want to get our porch dark. So, you know, they’re scoping out the place, maybe trying to rob us… It just seems like out of nowhere they just started getting stolen. So, it’s really weird,” said Souders. 

The homeowner said he decided to set up a security camera and caught the lightbulb thief just days later.  

The video shows a man take a lightbulb, look inside the home, and then leave.  

“There was also a car in the driveway,” said Souders.  

The reason why someone would steal his lightbulbs remains a mystery. 

“They’re glass light bulbs. And some people on next door were saying that they might just be taken one light bulb to try and smoke drugs out of them,” said Souders. 

Dillon Quirk with the Oklahoma City Police Department said, “This could be considered a police matter as it is larceny… As far as intentions, I could not speculate.” 

“It’s really quite strange,” said Souders.  

Oklahoma City Police still encourage people to report a crime like this when it occurs.