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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Just south of a canola oil plant is going to be a mixed use development on Northwest 2 and Western.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma City council approved rezoning so the property can make its next steps.

“We really like where the area is going and what it could be,” said Reed Jaskula, Fair Weather Friend Brewery owner.

There’s not a lot on this block west of downtown Oklahoma City, but starting this summer, several businesses will move into these 20,000 square feet of space.
A new brewery, food and beverage concept and a 500 capacity music venue have signed on so far.

“This is something the industry nationally has been waiting for in Oklahoma City. This will be an opportunity for us to bring bands who are starting to grow out of bars, but not ready for full size theaters,” Chad Whitehead, Beer City Music Hall co-owner said.

Chad Whitehead operates Tower Theatre on 23rd Street. Beer City Music Hall will give an opportunity to book smaller bands four to five nights a week.

“I expect a lot of hip hop shows here, a lot of dance shows here, a lot of modern indie stuff, so it’s going to be used for all kinds of different music,” Whitehead said.

The music venue will be in the former Oklahoma Testing Laboratories building, and right behind it will be Fair Weather Friends Brewery and an outdoor space just in front of the plant.

“We love the backdrop. It’s almost got a Mad Max feel to it, and so we thought how cool would it be if people could hang out here and drink beer and let their dogs or kids run around and have a good time,” Jonathan Dodson, Pivot Project partner and developer for the property said.

Dodson and his business partners are in the process of rebranding the area from Klein to Classen, the Sunshine District – a forgotten area they’re hoping to shine light on.

“For us, this is really solidifying an area that we love and care about, and want to expose other people to,” Dodson said.

The project is expected to cost $4 million.