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POCATELLO, Idaho – It’s happened again. The latest vape explosion victim lost nine teeth when the device blew up in his face.


The explosion left Andrew Hall with second degree burns down his face and neck.

He lost two teeth during the initial blast and seven others during surgery.

Hall’s mother recorded the blood-spattered bathroom where the burned battery rests on the floor.


The explosion tore a hole in the bathroom countertop and charred parts of the wall.

Angalee Hall is hoping the graphic video will encourage others to drop the habit. “Please don’t vape. If you are vaping and you think this is okay, don’t do it in front of the kids because this is going to happen,” she said.

Her son took a puff before stepping into the shower, which means his device may have come in contact with water or condensation, which may have caused it to malfunction.

Some tips to prevent vape explosions:

Lithium-ion batteries have also exploded in hoverboards, cellphones, and laptops.

The Federal Aviation Association prohibited e-cig batteries in checked baggage due to changes in pressurization, and also no longer allows hoverboards on aircrafts.