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SHAWNEE, Okla. – For the first time since his brutal beating was caught on camera back in June, the victim of an alleged hate crime in Shawnee is speaking out.

Jarric Carolina says he doesn’t remember the attack, but he’s still feeling the effects.

“I have struggles, I have struggles that I`m not used to. That I`m getting used to. I just, I mean I`m working on a better me,” Jarric told News 4. “So all the struggles that I go through, it`s only temporary.”

Jarric’s wife Jammie admits it’s been a struggle.

All of the physical therapy, doctors appointments, and the injuries he might never fully recover from have taken a toll.

She says with all that said, she can’t help but smile at all of the progress he’s made.

“It feels great it really does. I thought this would put him under some with just her personality of how he’s always been, but it really hasn’t,” Jammie said. “He’s the same person he was before caring, loving.”

One of the alleged attackers, 25-year-old Devan Johnson, waived his right to a preliminary hearing which was scheduled for Thursday, October 10th.

His formal arraignment is now scheduled for October 16th, and District Attorney Allan Grubb says he expects Johnson to plead guilty to a hate crime violation, and a felony charge of assault and battery with great bodily injury.

“These cases never move as fast as anyone wants them to move, this one is moving faster than most because we are looking at a potential plea,” District Attorney Grubb said. “Him pleading to prison time at some point in the near future.”

The Carolina family attorney Edward Maguire says he wants the state to go even further and is requesting that Attorney General Mike Hunter step in and charge the two men responsible for the attack under the RICO Act.

“Our Oklahoma RICO Act allows the Attorney General to prosecute these two individuals as a criminal enterprise,” Maguire said. “We believe their criminal history is long enough, and hard enough, that when you look at it, you will see a criminal enterprise by design. We desperately are asking Mike Hunter to step up and take this case, and charge these people under that statute.”

The other alleged attacker, Brandon Killian, is currently serving time in the North Fork Correctional Center on unrelated charges.