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OKLAHOMA – “My mom was my, she was my best friend,” said Shayla Tabbert.

Tabbert cries as she remembers the mom with a great sense of humor.

She cries as she remembers how her mom changed after the crash.

“She was in a coma for a week and, when she woke up, she just never did anything,” Tabbert said.

Tiffany Valenzuela died on July 4, unable to recover from her brain injury.

She was the passenger in a vehicle with David Blair on April 17.

Blair’s maroon Expedition smashed through the cable barriers on I-35 just north of Covell, and he crashed head-on with a minivan.

Philip Hess and his 2-year old-daughter, Alexandria, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Blair and Valenzuela were both taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Tabbert said she met Blair for the first time the morning of the accident.

She got in his car with him, and he dropped her off in Guthrie before going on to Oklahoma City with her mom.

“He seemed fine when he picked us up. Like, if he would’ve seemed any different, I would’ve been like no, mom, you’re not going,” Tabbert said. “The last thing I said to my mom was I love you and be careful.”

In the months after the accident, Tabbert would visit Blair in the hospital when she visited her mom.

“I would talk to him every day, because I spent every day up there with my mom. So, I would sit there and talk to him every day. And, like he felt so bad. And, I was like it’s going to be okay, my mom’s going to be okay,” Tabbert said. “I was like don’t beat yourself up. I was like was you messed up? And, he was like no, I don’t remember what happened.”

But, court documents paint a different picture, saying Blair had PCP, marijuana and benzodiazepam in his system.

“The fact that he was on drugs makes it a whole lot different,” Tabbert said. “I was like, okay, yeah, I don’t feel bad for you, because I see what happened.”

Blair is charged with three counts of second degree murder, but it now appears he’s on the run, despite his injuries from the crash.

“He had like two crushed ankles I think, and his legs were broke and there’s something wrong with his spine. My little brother was like he’s in a wheelchair, he couldn’t’ have gone far,” Tabbert said.

“He was pretty banged up from the accident that caused these people to lose their lives, and so he’s not going to be hard to spot,” said Mark Opgrande, spokesperson for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials have reason to believe Blair could possibly be in Abilene, Texas.

“We have sent out bolos throughout the state of Texas to let people know to be on the lookout for this man,” Opgrande said.

Tabbert last spoke to Blair the day charges were filed against him.

“He was like I don’t know if I ever said sorry. He was like I didn’t mean to cause pain to your family, it was really an accident,” Tabbert said.

But, Tabbert hopes he is found soon, so he will have to answer to a court of law.