COLORADO (Storyful/KFOR) – The Colorado State Patrol is fed up with distracted drivers after two CSP vehicles were hit by pickup trucks while troopers were assisting motorists along different interstates.

The video shows two angles of one of those crashes. Dash cam video from Trooper Barco’s vehicle captured the trooper and the stranded motorist race away just before the collision. The driver of the Dodge 2500 that hit the patrol car sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

“Although still under investigation, distracted driving may be a factor in the crash, and the driver will be charged accordingly,” the CSP stated in a press release.

In a second wreck, a 1998 Ford truck struck a CHP motorcycle and a tow truck on the side of the road. Trooper Dean McClain and the tow truck driver were both struck with debris and suffered minor injuries. The driver was arrested for DUI and sustained moderate injuries, while his passenger suffered serious injuries. “The motorcycle was thrown across all lanes of traffic into the center median, where it caught fire and was destroyed,” another press release stated.

Following the back-to-back incidents, law enforcement is sending out an important reminder to drivers.

“Wake up Colorado,” Chief of CSP Matthew Packard said. “The ‘slow down or move over law’ is to protect us, so we can protect you, just as Trooper Barco protected the other motorist in need. Please move over and curb any distraction that takes away from your responsibility to be a safe driver!”