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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A handcuffed suspect bolted from authorities on a stolen ATV, Tuesday evening, pushing the four-wheeler to its top speeds; but in the end, he couldn’t overcome a water hazard.

Chopper 4 followed this unusual chase for almost its entirety.

Pilot Mason Dunn said authorities, possibly in the Jones area, were placing the suspect in custody and got a set of handcuffs on him before he got loose and fled into the woods between Britton and Hefner on I-35.

“Then a report came out that a four-wheeler was stolen,” Dunn said. “One of the owners of the four-wheeler was chasing him on a four-wheeler and lost him.”

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The suspect fleeing on an ATV through open road.

Someone else spotted the four-wheeler, and a lengthy chase ensued, with the suspect zooming through long stretches of roadway in Edmond and into Logan County.

Dunn said the suspect was keeping pace with Chopper 4. He estimated that the ATV was going about 70 miles per hour.

The suspect’s asphalt-paved path turned into a dirt road, but he was undeterred, blazing forward in his speedy escape.

He seemed to have nothing standing in his way until he found an anticipating officer on the dirt road, using his squad vehicle to block much of the road.

The suspect veered to the left of the waiting vehicle and went directly into a long stretch of muddy water on the side of the road. He lost control and the ATV overturned.

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Soaked and covered in mud, the suspect surrenders.

The soaked suspect staggered to his feet, but quickly returned to the muddy pool that felled him, lying face down in the beige water, placing his cuffed hands over his head in surrender.

The audacious suspect’s name has not yet been released.