MIAMI, Fla. (Storyful/KFOR) – “I missed you so much!” A tearful mother clung to her 6-year-old son, Jorge “Jojo” Morales, as JoJo jumped into her arms when they were reunited after two months at the Miami International Airport.

JoJo was found safe in Canada after he was allegedly kidnapped by his father, Jorge Morales, Sr. and his grandmother, Lilliam Pena Morales, both of whom have since been arrested.

In late August, police say JoJo’s mother went to pick him up during a custody exchange in Florida, but her son had vanished.

Authorities cracked the case when someone spotted JoJo at a Walmart store in New Brunswick, 2,000 miles away.

Previously, officials found an SUV believed to have been occupied by the three in Maine, near the Canadian border.

JoJo’s mother, says she plans to make up for lost time by recreating Halloween and by celebrating her birthday, which passed during JoJo’s disappearance.

According to local reports, Concepcion said she would like to meet the person who spotted JoJo at Walmart, and thank them in person.