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OKLAHOMA CITY – Video of Oklahoma band teachers performing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” at the Capitol is going viral on social media.

Over the past several years, budget cuts have negatively impacted numerous state agencies, including the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Despite having less money in the budget, the Oklahoma State Department of Education says that student enrollment continues to rise.

Teachers say their classroom sizes are too big and that some don’t even have enough textbooks for students.

Monday, teachers across the state gathered at the Oklahoma State Capitol to put pressure on state legislatures to increase education funding.

During the rally at the Capitol, band teachers from across the state gathered together to perform “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

Video of the performance is going viral, with one video receiving more than 500,000 views.


After teachers converged at their state capital on Monday, another day of walkouts is taking place Tuesday.

The numbers may be smaller in the second day event as teachers from smaller, rural districts may not be able to take part. So far, there’s no end to the walkout in sight.