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NORMAN, Okla. – University of Oklahoma President David Boren said measures are being taken to make sure food on campus is healthy and safe for students.

Video recently surfaced of a cockroach crawling around in chocolate cake that was allegedly served on campus.

Student Laura Beth McGraw claims she found a cockroach in her cake while eating at Couch Restaurants.

That comes just two weeks or so after McGraw said she found another insect inside a hamburger bun she had been served at Crossroads.

According to the OU Daily, students have also found bugs in sandwich bread and moldy meat. 

According to the Cleveland County Health Department, Couch Restaurants received several health code violations this year for failing to control “insects, rodents, and other pests.”

Records show there have been 23 inspections at Couch since Fall 2013.

Of those, 14 – or 61 percent – turned up “insects, rodents, and other pests.”

Inspectors had not found any violations at Couch in their last three visits, but the lengthy list of violations dates back to 2009.

Crossroads has a shorter list of violations with far fewer insect violations.

In response to the photos, students created an online petition to change the “training of food handlers and a reassessment of food service facilities.”

“The first thought that ran through my head is: ‘We need to do something about this,'” said OU Sophomore Ivey Dyson, who heard about the insects on Facebook and authored the petition. “I think it’s one thing to show everybody what’s happened, but it’s another thing to step up and say this is what we want, and we’re going to take action until it happens.”

Dyson is asking for better training for food service workers, as well as higher-quality facilities.

She has been encouraged by the more than 350 signatures on her petition and a meeting she has set up with Housing and Food Services to discuss changes.

“It’s a top-tier school, and we deserve top-tier food being served to us,” she said. “Really, the point of this is just to make sure that the students that pay to eat here get quality food.”

Dyson and McGraw are both complimentary of the university’s administration, noting they immediately apologized to McGraw for her experience and offered her free meals or refunds.

In a statement, OU President David Boren said he has directed Housing and Food Services to “thoroughly examine the situation to make sure the health and safety of our students is being protected.”