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Updated 11:31 a.m. 7/16/2014:

KATY, Tex. – A story on other media outlets that reported a mother left her young children in a hot car so she could get a haircut has a far different headline now: Mother fights to free children from her locked car.

The story behind dramatic video of a child being saved from a hot car in Katy, Texas is becoming clearer.

People rushed to help Monday when they saw the child in the SUV.

The mother is not facing charges in the case.

According to KTRK , She says she accidentally locked her keys and her kids in the car, and acted immediately to get them out.

Surveillance backs up her story and shows she returned to the postal store to call for help and returned five minutes later to shoppers smashing on the window so the mother could crawl in and get them out.

What really horrified the mother, she says, is she called her insurance company and asked for a wrecker to come out and open the locks.

But she was told it would take two hours, and that’s why she went into action so quickly.

The kids are doing fine.


KATY, Tex. – Some brave shoppers jumped into action and smashed open a car window after spotting children inside.

It happened Monday in Katy, Texas as temperatures hovered above 90 degrees.

The rescue was all caught on camera.

Shoppers in a strip center parking lot took matters into their own hands, after noticing two small children in a hot jeep.

Gabriel Del Valle says he stepped out of his nearby shop after hearing the sound of children crying out in desperation.

“The kids were in there crying. I mean you would understand. It’s real hot,”said Del Valle.

The shoppers could barely open the doors because there was a child lock on, so they had to smash open the car window.

After several minutes, the kids were freed.

The children’s mom apparently said she had left them there only temporarily so that she could get a hair cut.