AUBURN, Wash. (KFOR/Storyful) – Police in Auburn, Washington have just released some jaw-dropping dash camera footage, in which a robbery suspect tore through a train crossing, and missed an oncoming train by just inches.

According to the Auburn Police Department, officers were responding to a nearby call involving a store clerk who stated that a man had threatened him with a gun.

Officers say the gunman raced out of the store through a back exit and hopped into a Cadillac with another suspect.

Despite risking their lives while jumping the train tracks, officers quickly caught up to the suspects.

“Officers pursued the vehicle into the city of Pacific and located the vehicle in an apartment complex parking lot. It was learned that two suspects ran from the vehicle, and one of the suspects was found hiding in a tree,” the department posted.

“While negotiators were speaking with the suspect in the tree, the suspect was observed smoking what officers believed to be illegal drugs. The suspect later stated to detectives that the initial motive for the robbery was to sell the stolen goods for money that could be used to buy illegal drugs,” the post continued.

Two hours later, the suspect climbed down and surrendered. “We are thankful that the suspect in this case decided to peacefully surrender at the conclusion of the event and not a single person was hurt,” the department said.

Police did not release any information on the second suspect.