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WALTON COUNTY, Ga. – A Georgia man lost his leg after shooting a lawn mower that was packed with explosives.

The whole incident was caught on video.

According to WXIA, David Pressley, 32, and some friends packed three pounds of Tannerite into an old lawn mower “to blow it up.”

Tannerite is the brand name of a combination of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. When mixed and shot with a high-velocity bullet, it creates a loud noise and explosion.

“We get a lot of calls about Tannerite. It can be extremely dangerous if it is not used correctly,” Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told WXIA.

Pressley and his friends wanted to record video of the explosion.

The video shows Pressley shooting a semi-automatic rifle at the lawn mower for about 30 seconds.

After about 20 shots, the lawn mower explodes and shrapnel flies everywhere.

A piece of the lawn mower flew at Pressley and severed his leg.

“I blew my leg off! Oh, [expletive]!”

His friends fashioned a tourniquet until EMS arrived, WXIA reports.

Pressley was airlifted to an Atlanta hospital where he is now recovering from his injury.

Sheriff Chapman released video of the explosion as a warning to others.