EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Drivers at one busy Edmond intersection have started making their own rules on the road. Frustrated drivers at the intersection of Kelly and 33rd have resorted to driving on the wrong side of the road during rush hour and it was all caught on camera.  

One Edmond resident who drives that street every day told KFOR he’s fed up with it.  

“It’s horrible… This is the worst section of my drive,” said Cory Puckett.  

A video in an Edmond Facebook group has gained lots of attention recently as it shows several drivers crossing the yellow line to get around traffic. Many are now concerned with this growing, continuing issue and say they want to see a change. 

The video shows several cars traveling north on Kelly Avenue, moving in the oncoming traffic lane to get around the traffic, and eventually the left lane to turn onto 33rd street at the light. 

“People will cross the double yellow line to get into this turning lane, which sometimes it doesn’t even work out. I’ll do it legally and I’ll end up either in front of those people or right behind them at the light. I think they think they’re saving time when really, they’re just causing issues,” said Puckett.  

Cory Puckett posted the video and said in the comments some people admitted to doing that every day because of the heavy traffic during rush hour.  

“Some people admitted that they do this every day and that it’s fine, which, it just baffles me that it’s like, you know, these are laws,” said Puckett.  

Cory Puckette said he talked with Edmond Police about the issue in hopes of stopping the ongoing problem in the area.  

“They said that they figured it is probably a good time to start revisiting this area… So, hopefully they can get some people out here because you never know what can happen,” said Puckett.  

The Edmond Police Department told News 4, “The Edmond Police Department is aware of the traffic violation issues that occur at 33rd and Kelly. This intersection is one of our problem areas in Edmond. Our traffic unit has put emphasis on this for a number of years, and continues to,” said Emily Ward, Edmond Police PIO.