EL ESPINAL, Colombia (KFOR) – Drone video captured the collapse of spectator stands at a bullfight in Colombia, killing at least six, including a child, and injuring more than 200 people.

Video shows the stands were packed as spectators tumbled to the ground at Plaza Gilberto Charry.

While an official cause of the collapse is under investigation, it appears that the weight of the crowd contributed.

No announcement has been released on what happened to the bull at the center of the ring. However, the bull appears injured or merely exhausted.

According to the New York Times, the event is called a corraleja“a festival in which the public is invited to engage the bulls, even riding or taunting them. It is more informal than the traditional Spanish bullfight, and the bull is not killed in the end.”

Bullfighting in general is a sport that PETA has long fought to ban. Colombia’s own President-elect, Gustavo Petro, also tweeted that he has asked mayors not to allow events that could lead to the death of people or animals.