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OKLAHOMA CITY –   An expensive  vintage car was stolen from a business and police need your help solving the case.

Officials with the Oklahoma City Police Department say a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, valued at approximately $175,000, was stolen overnight from a business in the 8600 block of S. I-35 Service Rd.

“When you build a car like that, you put part of yourself in it,” James Goad, known as “The Reaper” on the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws, said.

Goad spent eight years working on the 1955 Chevy.

“There’s over 2,000 hours building that car, and I’ve never even drove it. I’ve pulled it out of this garage and backed it back in, it’s never went down the street,” Goad said.

On Wednesday night, Goad’s pride and joy was stolen from an auto shop along with a performance motorcycle, three ATV’s, tires and rims.

Goad says his car is worth over $150,000.

“I don’t care about the money. Everything about that car I designed. Except the door panels and the console. I picked the color,” Goad said.

That fueled a long-time childhood dream.

“That black and copper, I’ve had it in my head since I was nine years old. When I read a book in school about a guy with a 50 model Ford, a kid out of high school had the fastest car in town, painted it black and copper. I’ve had that in my head since then,” Goad said.

That’s why he’s hoping the eye catching car will catch your eye and you can help police catch the thieves.

“I hope they get scared and they just go dump the car in a parking lot, because there’s not a piece of that car that serves a purpose but to that car,” Goad said.

“It’s a part of you that leaves with that car,” Goad said.

If you have any information regarding the burglary, please call Crime Stoppers at (405)235-7300.