OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Nationally, robbery and aggravated assault numbers are up across the country this year compared to last, but that’s not the case for Oklahoma City.  

Major Cities Chief Association released a violent crime survey showing Oklahoma City is down in violent crimes across the board. They compared the numbers from the first nine months of 2021 to the first nine months of 2022. In each category, 2022’s numbers were lower.  

Oklahoma City’s homicides, rapes, robberies and aggravated assault numbers are all down according to the nine-month report. The numbers are not down by a whole lot, but the city’s homicide numbers have significantly dropped. 

“Crime goes up, crime goes down. There are significant changes this year, though, in the number of homicides. We do see a pretty good drop in those and we’re happy about that,” said Master Sergeant Gary Knight, public information officer, Office of Media Relations for Oklahoma City Police.  

You can find the numbers for each of the categories in Oklahoma City, along with other cities across the country, here. Take note, the reports are done quarterly and this latest one only takes into account crimes that are reported between January and September, nine of out 12 months.   

During that period last year, Oklahoma City reported 66 homicides. This year during that same period, 46.  

To date, this year Oklahoma City Police have reported 66 homicides. The latest, a mother who was shot and killed while holding her four-month-old baby.  

Master Sergeant Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department said there are several reasons why crime dropped during the first nine months of the year.  

“There are probably economic factors, socioeconomic factors figured in… So, all of those thing’s kind of factor in into the equation and thankfully, right now, crime is down,” said Knight.  

Knight said other issues around the city include theft and burglaries.  

“That’s nothing new. But we’ll take what we can get from this,” said Knight.  

Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma told KFOR, these numbers are promising for Oklahoma City neighborhoods. 

“The police department has worked hard at it, but to get violent crime to go down, it means that citizens have worked hard at that as well… Neighborhoods have worked hard at making their areas safe and proactively worked with the police department. And that’s worth celebrating in any city when those statistics start to go down,” said Georgie Rasco, CEO and Executive Director of Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma. 

Georgie Rasco said they’re still seeing high crime in neighborhoods on the south and northeast side of city.  

“We’re very aware that this news is not great news for every single neighborhood. But what it does show us is that as the trend is going down, that there’s hope for everyone,” said Rasco.  

The nine-month report shows violent crimes like murders and rapes have gone up in Tulsa, but crimes like robbery and aggravated assault have gone down.  

The Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma hosts programs like the Neighborhood Watch Program for the public in an effort to reduce crime in neighborhoods. If you’re interested in joining one of their meetings, you can visit their website for more information.