DERBYSHIRE, England (KFOR/Storyful) – Wearing a shirt and tie, a belt, dress pants and nice shoes, a man in the UK was all dressed-up for work. But instead of hopping in his car, he climbed into an inflatable pool in his backyard with his laptop balancing atop a floating device, as record-breaking temperatures pound England.

A viral TikTok video posted by @CommsCreatives, a social media marketing agency, shows the man in Derbyshire, England and his creative “commute” to stay cool while working.

The video’s message reads, “This morning’s commute is a short one! Stay safe in the heat!”

The Met Office issued its first-ever “red extreme-heat warning” in much of England for July 18th and 19th. Temperatures of 104 degrees broke records on July 19th.