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OKLAHOMA CITY – A video of an angry man confronting a panhandler taken here in the metro has gone viral on Facebook.

The video has received nearly 2 million views and more than 36,000 shares in just two days.

The video shows a man confront a 78-year-old woman, who allegedly begs for money at N.W. 140th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. on a daily basis.

The video was taken after he saw the woman get into a brand new car.

Daniel Ayala says he approached the elderly woman and said, “You ask for money in the middle of the street and you’re driving a 2013 car.”

Things got heated quickly between Ayala and the panhandler in far northwest Oklahoma City.

Graphic language: Language in the video may not be appropriate for all audiences.

“Listen, I work hard for my money. That’s why people like you take advantage of people like me. This is bull****,” said Ayala.

The woman behind the camera was with her son when they saw the beggar get into a brand new Fiat.

“I was like, ‘That’s the lady I gave money to.’ I was looking straight ahead thinking, ‘I just got duped by a little old lady,” said Brandi Newman.

She was taking a photo of the woman when she heard an angry man start yelling.

“If I see this car tomorrow. I’m going to f***ing bust a window,” said Ayala.

Some people might say Ayala went too far with the threats, but he doesn’t seem to think so.

“I gave that lady over $15 in five days. $15 could make me enough to come to work for gas. For her to just take my money like that,” said Ayala.

Newman believes Ayala’s threats were justified.

“Of course, it’s not right to bash somebody’s windshield in. I didn’t think he was going to do that for a minute. He’s just trying to prove a point that you don’t come here again, don’t do this again, quit scamming people,” said Newman.

Ayala says he didn’t know Newman was filming him.

“I’m famous, I’m going to Disney World,” said Ayala.

Newman says the 78-year-old’s family contacted her on Facebook and told her their grandmother has a panhandling permit.

The family says their grandmother “isn’t doing anything illegal,” and claim they are appalled by the video.