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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughan is working to get a convoy of volunteers to a storm site in south Oklahoma City.

District 2 is littered with branches and other items from the May 31 storm.

Maughan said the debris is starting to cause other problems.

“It’s starting to clog up the drainage on the streets, that slows the irrigation down,” Maughan said.

That leaves some streets more vulnerable to flooding when more rain falls.

Most of the tree limbs can be picked up by hand but residents need a lot of help to get it done.

Maughan said he is hoping to get over 1,000 volunteers.

He said, “We will only pick up vegetation on Saturday, other materials will be picked up on other days.”

That means no pre-treated wood or other materials.

If you have a truck or flat bed you would like to bring, organizers say that would be helpful.

Click here to contact Brian Maughan to find out how to help.