SYDNEY, Australia (KFOR/Storyful) – If the open ocean and great white sharks aren’t your thing, there is an aquarium where expert divers guide you along underwater while you come face-to-face with gray nurse sharks, which they call “the puppy dogs of the shark world.”

Shark Dive Xtreme at Sydney Aquarium in Australia is a program that allows people to dive cage-free with five species of sharks, along with giant rays.

“We’re inviting guests to meet with our grey nurse sharks, including Murdock, Mary-Lou and Striker,” said dive instructor Caleb Mantle. “They are very intelligent, and each has their own personality. Mary-Lou is the classic shark who likes to swim high up, with her fin out of the water, and is always first to a feed.”

Shark Dive Xtreme has been on a two year hiatus, but returns December 18th to Sydney Aquarium.