CIMARRON CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – KFOR is learning new details about Tuesday’s gun battle in Cimarron City. We now know that the man who was killed is Delbert Middleton, also known as Trey

Delbert Middleton. Image from Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

If Middleton’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s because last week the Attorney General’s office charged him for embezzling more than $60,000 from multiple clients, he promised to build homes for. 

However, Middleton’s criminal history appears to be much more extensive than that. 

“He showed up to conduct acts of evil, if you will,” said Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux. 

According to the sheriff, Middleton drove to his ex-girlfriend’s parent’s home near Cooksey Road and Meridian Avenue around 7:15 Tuesday morning. There he started shooting, before barging in. 

“There was a resident inside that fired shots towards the suspect. The suspect then left the house,” said Devereaux.

Middleton eventually died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, ending a living nightmare for his ex’s family. 

“He’s kind of made it his mission, if you will, to terrorize his family,” said Devereaux. “They had had a relationship for some time and had broken up and then at some point, like I said earlier this year, he kidnapped her, took her out of state.”

Middleton was arrested for that crime, however had bonded out of jail. He was ordered to have no contact with his ex and was supposed to wear an ankle monitor. Despite this, the Sheriff said Middleton went off the grid for about a month and deputies couldn’t find him until this morning. 

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office was also on the hunt, after the AG’s office filed charges there last week for Middleton taking thousands of dollars from victims to build their homes, but the jobs were never finished. 

“They’re currently out the money that they that they paid to Mr. Middleton,” said Assistant Attorney General, Consumer Protection Unit, Matthew Willoughby. “Each set of victims had to essentially hire an additional contractor to come in and fix the job or continue the job.”

Sheriff Devereaux added that Middleton’s ex’s family will most likely not face any charges for Tuesday’s encounter. 

“It’s unfortunate that somebody had to die, but, uh, you know, this family’s not living in fear anymore,” said Devereaux.