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Edward Snowden, who leaked thousands of top secret documents including information about two U.S. monitoring programs, is among the nominees for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Snowden is on the run from the U.S. authorities after he disclosed information about top secret U.S. programs that monitor phone and internet outlets.

He was granted a Russian visa which was recently extended.

Snowden was charged last year with a number of federal offenses including communicating classified intelligence.

President Obama said he is no patriot and there were other ways he could have voiced his concerns about the NSA.

“No I don’t think Mr. Snowden is a patriot. As I said in my opening remarks, I called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before Mr. Snowden made these leaks. My preference, and I think the American people’s preference, would have been for a lawful orderly examination of these laws,” said President Obama.

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