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WASHITA COUNTY, Okla. – Animal rescuers out of Washita County are searching for answers as a dog fights for her life.

Wednesday morning at a truck stop near Burns Flat, a truck driver saw what looked like a dead dog lying in the parking lot, but noticed its chest moving.

That’s when the city told him to call Terry Lynn Bloomer.

“She was probably right in this area right here,” says Bloomer.

In Western Oklahoma if an animal needs rescuing Terry Lynn is the woman to call. This dog was no different.

Terry Lynn and her family found her bleeding from bite marks up and down her body and unable to move. She had been abandoned.

Bloomer rushed her to a vet in Elk City.

She’s still in a lot of pain, but just 24 hours later her wounds are already healing.

“When they fight that hard to live, we’ll fight right along with them,” says Bloomer. “When we got to her she couldn’t raise her head. She just laid there and looked up at us with her eyes and now she looks wonderful.”

They’re now calling her “Momma” after finding evidence that she had given birth not too long ago.

Leaving everyone asking who could leave her for dead?

“You’d be amazed. There’s so many people that do it,” says Bloomer. “Sadly in Western Oklahoma we see a lot of it.”

Soon “Momma” will need a loving home, but first she has a long road to recovery.

“Right now she’s just lucky that one of the truck drivers cared enough to kind of see her breathing and called us,” says Bloomer.

“Momma’s” puppies are nowhere to be found.

The Washita County Sheriff’s Office would like to know if you have any information to help prosecute whoever did this. Right now they have no leads.

The dog’s medical bills are piling up. Soon she will need a foster family and one day a forever home.

To help please contact Elk Creek Animal Clinic in Elk City at (580)225-4863 or email