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MANTUA RESERVOIR, Utah (KTVX) — Dramatic body camera video shows officers saving a 66-year-old man and his dog after they fell through the ice on a Utah lake.

Mantua police said Larry Magnum was making his way across the frozen Mantua Reservoir in Box Elder County to fish when the ice broke beneath him. He was clipped into a sled by webbing and carabiners, which immediately sank, pulling him and his dog into the frigid water.

Magnum then grabbed the dog, a malamute mix, put him on his shoulders and started treading water.

“A person saw the man fall into the water and called 911,” said police Sgt. Josh Jefferies.

Police Chief Michael Castro arrived and grabbed a small flotation device and rope from his car, and he and Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Jon Castillo, who was first on the scene, went onto the ice to reach Magnum.

While working to get a rope out to Magnum, the ice broke beneath the chief, who also fell into the water.

With Castillo holding the rope, Castro climbed out of the water, then freed Magnum from the sled and got the dog back onto the ice. Magnum was pulled above the ice shortly thereafter.

Mantua officers say the scene reminded them of the Navy Seals water challenge except in ice-cold water, carrying a dog and being clipped to a sled.

Mantua police said Magnum suffered minor lacerations and mild to severe hypothermia. The dog also suffered lacerations and hypothermia.

Following his harrowing rescue, Magnum warned the public “to be careful because ice isn’t thick enough and it’s not always safe.”