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ORLANDO, Florida (Storyful/KFOR) – Police stepped in when a woman who was allegedly intoxicated was trying to board a plane at Florida’s Orlando International Airport. The officer is heard saying she is swaying from side to side and he can clearly smell alcohol.

When Chelsea Alston is not allowed to board her Southwest flight, the belligerent woman rides off on her motorized suitcase while shouting several bleeped out expletives.

Officer Andrew Mamone’s bodycam footage shows him grabbing his bike for the slow speed “chase” through the airport.

“I just need you to get on the other side of TSA,” Mamone tells Alston. “Follow me, and we’ll roll out together.”

After multiple pleas for Alston to follow him, she is eventually placed under arrest when she is seen on camera spitting at Officer Mamone.

Alston was accused of battery on a police officer. She was later released from the Orange County jail on a $13,500 bond. The video was taken in April of 2021, but was just recently released.