SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. (KFOR/Storyful) – Surveillance video outside an elementary school in Summersville, West Virginia captured the moment a dumpster-diving bear and the school’s principal simultaneously terrified each other after coming face-to-face.

Zela Elementary Principal James Marsh was removing the dumpster’s lock bar – which was supposed to act as a bear deterrent, when the bear decided to make its escape. Both the bear and Marsh sprinted off in different directions.

Marsh installed the device, which was no match for this sneaky bear, due to issues with bears rummaging through the dumpster trash.

“I like wildlife and bears but prefer them more than an arm-length away,” Marsh told Storyful. “Video surveillance later showed the bear squeezing in and out of the dumpster all weekend to dine. I guess it had a good meal and a nap!”