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OKLAHOMA CITY – A woman is back on solid ground after she became trapped in fast-rushing water over a busy roadway. Shortly before 10 a.m., emergency crews were called to a water rescue near N.W. 178th and Council Rd. in Oklahoma City. When Air Comfort Solutions Chopper 4 arrived on the scene, three men were struggling to get a woman back to safety after she became trapped in rushing water. The woman was seen hanging on to trees as the current tried to pull her into deeper water. Three men, who appeared to be bystanders, rushed to her aid. Video from News 4’s chopper appeared to show the bystanders using a tow rope and jumper cables tied together in an attempt to pull her to safety. At one point, the woman went underwater. One of the bystanders was able to get to her so she could hang on to him and the tree as the others tried to throw the makeshift rescue line to her. When she got a hold of the line, the bystanders pulled her to safety. However, the bystander that went out to her became trapped in the water as well.
Deer Creek Fire Department arrived at the scene to check on the woman as the bystanders were able to get that man to safety. Remember, you can get swept away in just six inches of flood water and a car can be swept away in just 12 inches of rushing water.