WATERTOWN, Connecticut (KFOR/Storyful) – Surveillance video shows just how quickly thieves can steal a car. Police in Connecticut are sending out a warning after a rash of gas station crimes are being committed in the town of Watertown.

In this particular incident, the video at the top of this story shows a waiting minivan speed over to a car at a gas pump, whose owner was inside the gas station at the time.

One suspect darts out of the minivan and hops right into the driver’s seat and speeds away.

“The vehicle was stolen in approximately 7 seconds,” the Watertown CT Police Department posted.

The car’s owner had left the vehicle running with the keys inside, and the suspects were parked nearby, waiting and watching for that very thing to happen.

The police department stated that another car had been stolen the previous day from a pharmacy, under similar conditions, adding to the drastic increase of stolen vehicles.

Local media reported that another woman who was pumping gas had her car unlocked, and a suspect crept into the passenger side and stole her purse. The thief got away before the woman ever realized her purse was missing.

“Please do not leave your keys in your vehicle, lock your doors and be aware of your surroundings. Suspects are waiting in parking lots for someone to leave their vehicles running unattended,” the police department stated on Facebook.