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OKLAHOMA CITY — We have wonderful news about a family of famous owls that has captivated online audiences around the world.

Two great horned owls, Mr. and Mrs. Tiger, nested in a window box in a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood six years ago.

The Click family set up a few web cams to watch over the owl nest, and their owl feed went viral, gaining more and more viewers each year.

In fact, 6 million people have logged on to watch.

But tragically, last year, the female owl was killed by a careless gunman armed with a pellet rifle.

Now, there is new life in that window box.

The Clicks were unsure if their window box would host another clutch of eggs after Mrs.Tiger’s untimely death because great horned owls mate for life.

The end of 2016 brought new love for Mrs. T, a new mate.

“She’s much bigger, much taller and different coloring.” said Deziray Click. “She has more grays.”

The pair shopped around for a suitable nest before settling on the old digs.

“When we saw this huge owl on the rooftops and around our pots, we knew that’s another female,” said Deziray Click.

“I didn’t even know there was other owls in the area even,” said Alessondra Click.

Just as fall faded into winter, and the Clicks dusted off those famous owl cameras, they got a sign that the Tiger name might live on.

The new female laid some eggs.

She laid two eggs which didn’t make it. Then, two more that seem to still be alive.

Alessondra’s great horned owl cam went live last week. Fans have been begging for Alessondra to name the new owl.

She’s in the sixth grade this year, and it is tradition that Alessondra name all the owls.

She’s selected a fitting and fancy name for wife number two.

“I’m studying Latin so we’re going with Altera, which is Latin for second or alternative. This is his second mate,” Alessondra said.

The new name begs the question, will the names of all the future owlets reflect the mother’s Latin flair?

Alessondra smiles and says, “Maybe… you’ll have to wait and see.”

WATCH: Alessondra’s Great Horned Owl Live Stream