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BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – A man who attempted to rob a convenience store in Florida will probably think twice before trying to break the law again.

On Jan. 26, officers with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office were called to an armed robbery of a gas station.

Surveillance cameras were rolling inside the store as the suspect walked up to the clerk and threatened him with a weapon.

When the suspect handed the clerk a bag to put the money inside, he had enough.

The clerk, who happened to be a veteran who did multiple tours of duty in Iraq, immediately tackled the suspect and began punching him.

Eventually, the clerk grabs the suspect’s gun and chases after him with it.

The suspect got away, but left his air pistol and ball cap behind.

“Although I never encourage our citizens to actively engage criminals over money or personal possessions, I bet this criminal thinks twice before taking on a U.S. Veteran again!!!” the sheriff’s office wrote.

KFOR contacted the clerk, who was identified as David Dick, who said he couldn’t believe all the attention surrounding his actions.

“My family and I are feeling so blessed. All the attention is very surreal. It’s crazy. I never thought it would turn into this,” he said.