TONGASS NATIONAL FOREST, Alaska (KFOR/Storyful) – As her cub clings to a tree, a protective black bear, ready to defend her baby, confronts and stares down a larger brown bear.

The US Forest Service posted the video from the Anan Wildlife Observatory in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest.

Black bears typically stand around 29 inches at the shoulders, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while brown bears can range from three to five feet at the shoulder, depending on the gender and season.

Fortunately, as seen in the video at the top of this story, the brown bear took the hint and decided against an altercation.

According to the US Forest Service’s post, “Anan is one of the only bear viewing sites in the world that has both brown & black bears. Which leads to encounters like this where a black bear made a brown bear exit the area to protect her cub hiding up a tree. Such an ample food source keeps most interactions between the different species non-violent.”