NOTTINGHAM, England (KFOR/Storyful) – Police in England have released a video showing officers responding to a call on a dog locked in a hot car, after callers said a little Shih Tzu inside was panting and barking.

In the video at the top of this story, you can hear the little dog’s pants when officers smashed the window to free it.

Even though the owner had left the windows cracked, and the temperature was 81 degrees, the dehydrated dog still had a fever of 102.4 degrees, and officers had to cool it down by pouring water on its body.

“The windows were left slightly open but it was not enough to prevent the dog [from] collapsing,” the Nottingham Police stated in a press release. “Thankfully, police arrived just in time to save his life.”

As for the owner, they could face a fine. “The dog is now making a good recovery and the owner has been invited to attend a police interview. The case is also to be referred to the RSPCA,” (Royal Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals.) Had the dog died, the owner could have also faced jail time.

The police department is reminding dog owners that cars can feel like an oven, even when the weather is mild. According to the RSPCA, cars can reach 117 degrees inside after just one hour, when the temperature outside is just 72 degrees.