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OKLAHOMA CITY – Several lucky teachers in Oklahoma were surprised with an early Christmas present.

They thought they were getting in trouble for clicking on a fake spam link in their email. Instead, they were given a huge and deserving surprise from Air Comfort Solutions.

“We believe that giving back to our teachers is a huge deal. Everybody in this room, all these kids will be affected by teachers by some way in their life. You guys make a huge difference by going in every day, not getting the pay you should. So we appreciate that and the reason that you guys are here today is each of you are our recipients of our money that we’re giving out. It’s $5,000 a piece, so congratulations!” Jason White said.

In all, $50,000 will be divvied up between 10 lucky teachers.

The money was raised back in April during a special ‘Tee It Up for Teachers’ event hosted by Air Comfort Solutions.