PARIS, France (KFOR/Storyful) – From movie theaters, to public transportation, and even to hospitals, authorities in Paris, France are trying to squash a mass infestation of bedbugs in public places – with the 2024 Olympics are just nine months away.

Parisians have been spotting bedbugs – and have been bitten by them, all over the city. So much so, pest removal companies are swamped.

Video at the top of this story shows a bedbug on the seat of an RER commuter train on October 2. Officials with the RER service are now inspecting trains.

Paris will host the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics, and is currently hosting the Rugby World Cup, as the city remains plagued by the parasitic insects.

According to Le Monde, French President Emmanuel Macron’s administration will issue a bill by the end of the year to devise a plan to rid the city of the bedbug invasion.