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WARNING: Some of the content in this video is graphic and not appropriate for all audiences.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Long before he broke down in court, former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw found himself in a small, dim interrogation room, facing two sex crimes detectives.

In December, Holtzclaw was convicted on 18 of 36 counts involving sex crimes.

He’s now serving a 263 year prison sentence.

NewsChannel 4 obtained the videotaped interrogation played in open court during Holtzclaw’s trial.

The police interrogation was conducted by detectives Kim Davis and and Rocky Gregory in the sex crimes interrogation room at the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Holztclaw was pulled into the interview at the start of his shift on June 18, 2014 – the day Holtzclaw’s three-year unstained career came to a scandalous end.

Holztclaw did not know what the meeting was regarding though, only that it involved a traffic stop from the night before and allegations by 57-year-old Jannie Ligons.

“You have the right to remain silent,” Davis said. “Do you understand that?”

Davis read Holtzclaw his Miranda Rights, as he agreed to talk without an attorney.

For the next two hours, detectives would probe Holtzclaw for information about the allegation that had just come in hours before.

“Someone has made an allegation about a stop. They don’t know the officer’s name. You said you made a stop after work you didn’t call in. Where was that stop?” Davis asked. “Tell me about that stop.”

And, it begins.

The victim was the first of what would become 13 accusers – women who said they were sexually assaulted by Holtzclaw on duty during traffic stops in Oklahoma City.

The 15-minute off-the-grid traffic stop in question would destroy Ligon’s life, obliterate Holtzclaw’s career and leave an international black eye on his department.

Ligons had accused Holtzclaw of forcing her to perform oral sex in the back of his police unit.

Twenty minutes into the interrogation, the true nature of this complaint comes into focus:

Davis: Do you recall putting your penis in her mouth?

Holtzclaw: I don’t. 

Davis: Would you remember if you did it?

Holtzclaw: If I did it, yes.

For Holtzclaw though, the previous night was uneventful.

He claims, in the video, his only sexual encounter was with his girlfriend when he got home.

“We almost had sex,” Holtzclaw said. “She was tired.”

Detectives stepped out to call Holtzclaw’s then-girlfriend, trying to corroborate  his story.

But, that call would truly turn the mood of the interrogation.

“I just talked to [her],” Davis said. “She said she was asleep when you got home, and you did not try to have sex.”

Holtzclaw then agreed to a DNA sample and turned over his uniform.

“I want DNA. I want everything,” Holtzclaw said. “I’ve never been accused of anything like this.”

Through it all, his resolve never waivers.

Holtzclaw even agrees to take a polygraph, a clip that was not shown to the jury.

At two hours into the video, Holtzclaw strips to his boxers, his clothes whisked away as evidence.

He would never patrol the streets of Oklahoma City again.

Holtzclaw’s defense team has filed for an appeal in the case.

WARNING: Some of the content in these videos is graphic and not appropriate for all audiences.