HAZEN BAY, Alaska (KFOR/Storyful) – Waving a makeshift flag, three missing boaters were found stranded in Alaska’s Hazen Bay, and they jumped for joy when they saw the Coast Guard’s rescue helicopter.

The men had no emergency communication device aboard their small fishing vessel. But when the men were reported missing, a Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak C-130 took to the sky, spotting the men thanks to a fire they had built.

The air crew dropped some pre-packaged food for the men to eat, along with a VHF handheld radio. The crew relayed their location to Alaska State Troopers, which sent in a rescue boat to take the men home.

They had been missing for two days and were rescued on July 28th.

“This was a great outcome for a search in such challenging visual search conditions, but thankfully our sensor operators are highly skilled and were able to spot the boaters quite quickly due to the fire they had built,” said Lt. Cmdr. Lars Anderson, Air Station Kodiak pilot. “It is incredibly important for boaters to carry a means of communication that can help rescuers locate them when they are in distress. We were ecstatic to help these guys and to work with the Alaska State Troopers.”