ALABAMA (Storyful/KFOR) – Video shows a sweet surprise set up for the daughter of a US Army officer, deployed to Kuwait. Chief Warrant Officer Trina Sisk tells her daughter in the video how proud she is of her, and that she wishes she could be there for her graduation. Moments later, you see the shock on Jai Sisk’s face as she turns to see her mom in person. They hugged for a good minute before Jai let go.

The video showed a montage of Jai’s childhood pictures, with her mother narrating about all of her daughter’s accomplishments. When it ended, Jai said, “she looked like one of them soldiers in them videos on TV.” Then, her group of family and friends, roared with laughter at the big surprise.

After her Jai’s graduation, Sisk will return to duty in Kuwait, as part of Operation Spartan Shield.