SAN DIEGO, California (Storyful/KFOR) – A three-month-old giraffe at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park was born with hyperextended legs and was unable to stand or walk properly, until a team of wildlife workers fitted her with leg braces, which led to her full rehabilitation. When she was released to meet her herd, Msituni greeted her fellow giraffes with kisses.

Msituni is now able to wander the Safari Park’s 60-acre East Africa savanna habitat, and to learn from other giraffes behaviors and skills important to the development of a young giraffe.

Video shows the different phases of custom orthotic braces that Msituni wore, including one set with a giraffe-patterned design. She was also treated for blood abnormalities with intravenous antibiotics, through tubing in her neck. The video also shows the removal of those braces, allowing her to walk freely on her own, as well as Msituni drinking from a bottle, and training with her handlers.

“Wildlife care staff said Msituni’s chances of survival would have been very low without the treatment provided by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance team in collaboration with orthotists from Hanger Clinic,” the Zoo stated in a press release.

“We are so glad to have the resources and expertise to step in and provide this young calf the opportunity for a full life,” said Matt Kinney, senior veterinarian at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “Without these lifesaving braces to provide support, the position of her legs would have become increasingly more painful and progressed to a point she would not have been able to overcome.”

Msituni is pronounced “see-tune-nee,” and means “in the forest” in Swahili.