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NORMAN, Okla. – An OU football star is now talking about the moments leading up to a violent altercation with a woman inside a Norman restaurant.

It’s been over two years since OU running back Joe Mixon was suspended for punching Amelia Molitor in a restaurant on Campus Corner.

Molitor suffered several broken bones in her face, and Mixon entered an Alford plea to the assault charges.

He was also suspended from the football team for one season.

Surveillance videos at the restaurant captured the whole event on camera.

It shows Molitor shoving and hitting Mixon and Mixon responding by punching her in the face and, then, leaving the scene.

After two years of fighting for the video to be made public, Mixon’s attorneys released the video to the media on Friday.

Following the release, Mixon’s attorney said he is sorry for the way he reacted that night and has publicly apologized to Molitor, her friends, his family, teammates and the University of Oklahoma.

Now, we’re hearing about Mixon’s side of the story in his own words.

On Monday, attorneys for the city of Norman publicly released video that was recorded of Mixon speaking with police investigators.

During the interview, Mixon said the incident started when Molitor allegedly blew smoke in his face, saying he went to confront her about being ‘disrespectful.’

At that point, he said a friend of Molitor’s called him a racial slur, so he responded by calling him a slur back.

“After that, the girl, she dropped her purse. That’s when she came in my face, pushed me and, then, my glasses came off and, then, like, I had, like, jumped at her, like, watch out. And, then, she came in my face. I put my head down, and she swung on me. I was so shocked, because she hit me so hard. It felt like a dude hit me. And, after that, like, my face was like boom! My reaction was just right there,” he told investigators.

Warning: There is graphic language in the video below.

Authorities told Molitor’s side of the story, saying she claimed the confrontation started outside on the sidewalk.

Police investigators said Molitor told them Mixon and his friends started harassing her friend because he is gay.

She claimed she went into Pickleman’s to get away from them, but Mixon followed her friends inside the restaurant.

When Mixon went to the table and called her friend a slur, Molitor said she became angry and pushed Mixon.

Police said it isn’t clear in the video whether Mixon spit on Molitor at that point, but Mixon disputes that claim.

Instead, he said he lunged at her as if to say ‘get back.’

After that, she is punched and falls to the floor.