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AMARILLO, Texas –  She did it again!

At the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, Molly Schuyler, weighing in at 124 pounds, ate not one, not two but three 72 oz. steaks in 20 minutes flat.

Not only did she scarf down the steaks, but she also ate three baked potatoes, three side salads, three rolls and three shrimp cocktails.

That’s more than 13 pounds of steak, not counting the sides.

Molly posted the video of her eat-a-thon on YouTube.

Last year, she broke the record by eating two 72 oz steaks in under 20 minutes.  At the time, she said her goal was to consume three entire meals in under an hour.

This year, she accomplished her goal.

She won $5,000 for her efforts.  Her feat will be submitted to Guinness World Records.

The landmark Big Texan restaurant offers its “72-ounce Challenge” daily to anyone who can eat the massive steak, plus fixings, in under an hour. Those who can’t do so must pay $72 for the meal.


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