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TECUMSUH, Okla.– Dustin Bench was 22 years old when he went missing from Tecumseh in 2001.

In 2008, his remains were discovered near Earslboro.

The medical examiner determined that he had died from a gunshot wound.

No one was ever arrested.

But new information surfaced just this week that could help solve the case.

“I think what I remember the most is the day that he left. I watched him walk away,” said Bench’s sister, Jamie Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was only 10 years old when her big brother disappeared.

His family thought he was walking to his girlfriend’s house, but he never returned.

“To know that you’re never going to see somebody again, it’s kind of crazy that that’s the last thing that sticks with you,” said Gonzalez.

On Tuesday, Gonzalez got a call with new information about her brother’s case.

“A little surreal actually. My husband was a little scared because I was walking holes in our floors,” said Gonzalez.

“Maybe they can do something with it now and get this thing took care of because I won’t rest until it is,” said Bench’s father, James Bench.

Pottawatomie County Sheriff, Michael Booth, would not say exactly what the new information was but says it will help push this case forward.

“We know that the family wants closure. We want to get this solved. We want the people or persons that’s responsible for this to be brought to justice. And we’re not going to quit,” said Sheriff Booth.

Gonzalez is now married with an 8 month old daughter, but she thinks about her brother all the time.

“I’m older than he ever had the chance to be. I have a family. I have a daughter. And you know she’ll never meet her uncle,” said Gonzalez.

She’s hoping whoever did this is finding it more difficult with each passing year to keep the devastating secret.

“The fact that you know you can do something like that. You can take somebody’s life and be ok with it, you know, it not bother you. And here we are 15 years later and you know I don’t understand how it’s not eating at somebody,” said Gonzalez.

If you have any information, call the Pottawatomie County sheriff’s department at 275-2526 or send a confidential message to

Gonzalez also set up a special e-mail for tips –