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ARDMORE, Okla. – How can anyone not love Blake Shelton after hearing the story about how he rescued Roho Hartman.

Roho was on his way home when his truck stalled in waist deep water.

While he was trying to push it out, a Dodge pulled up with a handy tow rope, and a familiar face.

“The guy said ‘are you ready?’” said Roho. “I thought…that looks like Blake Shelton.”

After helping Roho out of the water, Blake gave the man a ride home.

That’s when Roho answered a call from his wife.

“I said you wouldn’t believe it, Blake Shelton pulled me out,” said Hartman. “Told her ‘you better slick up, we’ll be there in just a minute.’”

In our web exclusive extended interview, Roho talks with us about how he got his name, what he talked about with the country music superstar, and how he wants to return the favor.

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