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YUKON, Okla.– If you have a child, you know what a big deal a birthday party can be.

A touching story unfolded when it appeared no one would show up for the third birthday party of a little boy with autism. Then a few good men and women in badges saved the day.

You can’t always understand what he says, but some words he’s got down pat, like “car”. And wrapped inside his tiny hands is a police car.

And while little Brayden’s party decorations will one day be taken down, the memories will always be in his family’s heart.

“Not very many people were saying if they were going to come or not,” Brayden’s mother, Terra Hubbard said.

The party was almost canceled as guests backed out one by one. Then there was a knock on the door.

“They come up to my door, and you always think that’s bad,” Hubbard said.

Someone anonymously called the Yukon Police Department and told them about the dilemma.

“Told us there was this little boy with autism who was going to have a birthday party and asked if we could show up,” Yukon Police Captain Matt Hofer said.

“For them to take their time out of the day,” Hunnard said. “They have important jobs. It’s scary for them to go to work right now, and just for them to come say hi to Brayden, just to tell him happy birthday, it means a lot.”

There were not only tears for Brayden’s family, but emotion for the officers, too.

“The really cool thing about this is Brayden probably won’t remember this, but his mom will, and as a parent you want the best for you kids, and especially a parent with special needs,” Hofer said. “We were able to provide that to her. We were able to provide just a moment of normalcy, I guess.”

It took a while for Brayden to warm up to them, but before long he was in the front seat of a police cruiser.

“How he interacted with them was amazing,” Hubbard said. “Sorry. It makes me emotional.”

“We’ll never forget that birthday, and we hope he doesn’t either and his won’t family either,” Lt. Zach Roberson.

Brayden’s party happened during a shift change which meant a dozen officers were able to join in the celebration.

His family was so surprised and overwhelmed by what the Yukon Police Department did they made signs and they placed them all over town thanking them.