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PRAGUE, Okla. – A little girl’s on the road to recovery, after trying to take her life in the walls of her own middle school.

Her mother says it was bullying that pushed her daughter too far, and now she’s speaking out.

Sarah Adams learned of her daughter’s actions, through a phone call by school officials early Tuesday morning.

“We’re very lucky that they caught her,” explained Adams. “Because she wouldn’t have made it.”

It wasn’t till her daughter woke up, that Sarah learned of her seventh grade nightmare.

“They were telling her that she was stupid, and she was ugly…that they’d be better off if she was gone,” said Adams.

The bullying seems to have gone on for much of the year, getting more hateful, and more personal with time.

“She has a grandma right now that’s battling cancer….so she wanted to shave some of her hair to support her,” said Adams. “They were making fun of her because of that.”

The news has shaken Prague schools as well.

School Superintendent, Andy Evans, tells KFOR they’re in the process of investigating Tuesday’s incident.

“We work closely with our police on these matters, and we turn them over if we feel like there’s a severe student safety issue.”

Except for some cryptic messages on social media, Sarah says there were no warning signs. Now both she and the school urge everyone to speak up, and stand up against bullying.

“Find an adult, that [students] can confide in,” said Evans. “It will get to the proper authority, and we will follow through on what we have to do.”

“I blame myself a lot, for not being there, and not making her feel like she could tell me anything,” said Adams.

Sarah says she’s in the process of getting her daughter help for her depression, but she will soon be moving her outside of the Prague school system.

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